The Kit

Our DanceRX at-home genetic test is the first step in discovering you. A simple, painless cheek swab will empower you to learn how your DNA can be used to optimize your dance performance. 

Once processed, our cutting edge technology allows us to educate you on your specific genetic insights. These genetic insights are based on a carefully curated list of genes that are pivotal to increasing the longevity and vitality of dancers. With this information, you can then address how to prevent injuries and move forward into your full dance individuality.

Our DanceRX report, powered by GenAthletix, was created with your success in mind. This valuable resource will allow you to dig deeper into your genetic insights. 

Our revolutionary at-home genetic test is the first step in bridge science and dance so that you may empower yourself through choice – the power to choose YOU.

The The DanceRX/GenAthletix kit includes:

  • DNA swab
  • Activation Code
  • Paid Return Envelope
  • Instructions for Use

Your DanceRX Journey

Begin Your Journey

With a simple painless cheek swab, you will begin the process of revolutionizing your approach to your dance.

Get Your Insights

The personalized insights give you the information needed to optimize your performance based on your own DNA.

The Bridge Between Science + Dance


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