Our Story

DanceRX began as an idea that would bridge science and dance – offering dancers a way to utilize their own DNA to optimize their dance performance. Our co-founder, Sarah Haslock – Johnson is one of the premier ballet studio owners and teachers in the southwestern United States, and has partnered with a lab at the forefront of genetics research and testing. Together, we bring a revolutionary solution to dancers where they can:

DISCOVER their personal DNA and their body’s wisdom. Take our innovative, high performance genetic test to unlock their true individuality.
EDUCATE themselves with highly targeted, professional guidance by leading experts in dance and dance science. Access cutting edge insights based on their own DNA; right at their fingertips, anywhere they are.
EMPOWER through choice. Navigate valued resources to personalize their self discovery + connect with our community. The choice is theirs.


The Bridge Between Science + Dance

Meet Our Team

DanceRX is a coalition of top talent who all share a passion for science + dance.

Sarah Haslock-Johnson

Sarah Haslock-Johnson's background chronicles over 20 years of diverse dance experience. She is a distinguished graduate of the Royal Academy of Dance; London, England. 

Carissa Wachtler

Following graduation from the University of Texas MD Anderson, Carissa performed microarray research under Dr. Marilyn Li at Baylor College of Medicine in the Human + Molecular Genetics lab.

Kristen Spencer

Kristen Spencer is a certified physical therapist, educating the DanceRX community on how to work with their newly-discovered genetic insights.

Your DanceRX Journey

Begin Your Journey

With a simple, painless cheek swab, you will begin the process of revolutionizing your approach to your dance

Get Your Insights

The personalized insights give you the information needed to optimize your performance based on your own DNA.

Join the Community

The mobile app not only houses your customized DNA insights, but also offers daily content based on your individual results.

A Word From Our Co-Founder

The Bridge Between Science + Dance




Atlanta, GA

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