Our Philosophy

DISCOVER your personal DNA and your body’s wisdom. Take our innovative, high performance genetic test to unlock your true individuality.

EDUCATE yourself with highly targeted, professional guidance by leading experts in dance and dance science. Access cutting edge insights based on your own DNA; right at your fingertips, anywhere you are.

EMPOWER through choice. Navigate valued resources to personalize your self discovery + connect with our community. The choice is yours.

Holistic Health for Dancers

DanceRX is passionate about empowering dancers through a holistic wellness approach, backed by science and based in awareness and prevention. Through our innovative genetic test, dancers will gain valuable information to help optimize their physical training, reach nutritional goals, prevent injury, practice daily self-care and own their artistic voices.

DanceRX strives to provide dancers with more tools for high performance along with professional guidance to move you towards optimal health based on genetic risks you can be proactive about. When you know better you do better, and we are committed to inspire dancers to live a lifestyle that allows you to become your best self, balanced in body, mind and spirit. 

We are Dedicated to the Science of Dance

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