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Are you passionate about inspiring dancers?

Do you live + breathe social media?

DanceRX is committed to providing support and resources to our dance community by bridging science + dance.  We are focused on creating a community that encompasses influencers and thought leaders enabling dancers to embrace a healthy + productive dance career.

Brand Ambassador benefits include:
  • Our revolutionary DNA test
  • Access to our customized DanceRX app
  • Curated + personalized content
  • Ongoing dance focused education

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    The DanceRX Journey

    Begin Your Journey

    With a simple, painless cheek swab, dancers will begin the process of revolutionizing their approach to their dance performance.

    Get Your Insights

    The personalized insights give dancers the information needed to optimize their dance performance from the inside out.

    Join the Community

    The  mobile app not only houses dancers’ customized DNA insights, but also offers daily content based on their individual results.

    “I wanted to inspire every child who wants to be a dancer to fire their imagination about the joys of being on the stage.” 

    Darcey Bussell

    Former Principal Dancer of the Royal Ballet

    The Bridge Between Science + Dance



    Atlanta, GA

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