Are you feeling tired this morning? This could be because of ADORA2A gene. Never heard of it? That’s ok. We have! 

The ADORA2A gene controls how caffeine is received in the brain and how caffeine affects the chemical adenosine, which makes us feel sleepy. As elite athletes, dancers value both sleep and energy. Is caffeine giving you the best of both or secretly tanking your performances?

Your ADORA2A gene may have you feeling shaky, nervous or unsettled after consuming caffeine. For some, no matter how much caffeine, you may feel unaffected. For others, you could also wake up feeling sluggish and, well, sleepy. Until you have a chance to discover your genetic makeup, we’ll let you in on a secret to avoid these feelings:

Water, water and more water. Caffeine dehydrates. Make sure you are replenishing your body by replacing those electrolytes. 

We also recommend giving yourself a caffeine curfew. Cut yourself off from caffeine after approximately 2PM. Any later in your day and caffeine has a good chance of interrupting the quality of your sleep. To discover the bridge between dance and science, continue here.